About Us

Exmouth Computers is owned and run by a dedicated team lead by local, David Green who has decades of experience working in the computer world, for both large and small companies.

David has a vast wealth of experience in the I.T industry from 1995 working in a range of smaller to larger I.T maintenance projects for both smaller and larger companies and in 2010, decided to bring this knowledge to Exmouth when he opened up Eagle IT.

In 2014, David took over Exmouth Computers, instantly setting out on a program of improvements, from the stock carried to the services offered. Eagle IT is the now the business arm of Exmouth Computers, offering business computer support to small and medium enterprise whilst Exmouth Computers offers specialist services for the home user. The combination of the two works well and has many satisfied customers.

A little about where our knowledge started

If you set your mind back to the days of mainframe systems and dumb terminals, when twin-ax and token ring networking were in existence, we covered installations and maintenance on both the network infrastructure and the computer systems for some very large companies. Over time, we adapted and grew our knowledge; soon the twin-ax and token ring networks were phased out and Ethernet UTP and TCP/IP started taking over. We developed skills in Windows 95 and NT, and used programs like Client Access to use mainframe systems.

PCs soon took over from the old MS Dos basic file programs and Windows operating systems with functions like e-mail and the internet started coming into their own.

With the internet growing at an astonishing rate and the need for effective security and faster networks, technology had to keep up, with new operating systems and the introduction of routers, network switches, firewalls, the list is endless and ever-growing… As the need for technology grew, so did our experience and knowledge base to include software installations and networking in addition to repairs and upgrades.

The growing knowledge is now being passed onto the team at Exmouth Computers as technology moves forward at a rate no-one could have guessed and we are here to help you keep safe, secure and working.