Repairs &

Not sure if you have a virus? Maybe your computer is driving you mad with how slow it has become? Are you getting the infamous blue screen of death? Trying to figure out the cause and fixing it causing you to pull your hair out? Don’t panic, Exmouth Computers offer a full diagnostic and repair service for your PC’s and Laptops, keeping your data secure at all stages.


  • Screen replacement
  • DC jack repair
  • Motherboard repair
  • Networking failure (and installation)
  • Hard Drive upgrades and replacement
  • Operating system maintenance (reinstallation of MAC and Windows)
  • RAM upgrades
  • Software installation and repairs
  • Virus / malware removal
  • System troubleshooting
  • System upgrades

You MOT your car, why not your computer? Over time, your PC and Laptop will slow down and to keep things ticking over smoothly, we recommend you perform some essential maintenance and give it some TLC. Our service will look at several aspects that include:

Full clean of your Chassis and fans, removing dust to help ensure proper airflow to keep your computer and components from overheating. This also includes water cooled systems;

We will apply a fresh coating of thermal compound to your CPU to ensure the best heat transfer, keeping your CPU from overheating;

Perform a comprehensive software update and diagnostic to ensure you have the right security, no hidden nasties and your system is running at the peak of efficiency.

By giving your PC or laptop a full service, we aim to reduce the risk of things going wrong in the first place, especially important if you rely on your computer for work.

Lost your data? All is not lost!

Sometimes you may not be able to access all your data, it could be from a broken hard-drive or SSD, or even something else within your computer or laptop. Using a tried and tested technique, we will attempt to safely and securely recover any lost data from your broken PC’s, even transferring the data to a new HDD or SSD and fitting this within your computer to get it back and running. We also sell a huge range of USB memory sticks to enable you to back up your most crucial files. Any data we recover is securely and safely given to you and is removed from our systems.